Some timeshare consulting companies talk about success. We guarantee it.*


  • Evaluation of your timeshare portfolio
  • Recommendations
  • Learn how to maximize your timeshare use
  • Get extensive knowledge of all timeshare products from an unbiased source

Now that the dust has settled, and you own the timeshare, how do you make it work? Getting the most out of your investment can be frustrating, but it is very important.


  • Timeshare transfers, leased or purchased
  • Points program transfers
  • Right to use transfers
  • Family/friend transfers
  • Transfers resulting from inheritance

In today’s world, we know timeshare owners are solicited by countless companies regarding selling their timeshare. What’s real and what isn’t? Who can you trust, and where do you go to find answers?


  • Sales presentation misrepresentation
  • Term evaluation
  • Identification protection

Expert strategists;helping our clients with their most complex timeshare challenges and building tailored solutions to help them achieve a successful outcome.


“HP was very helpful with finally providing me options for my timeshare issues.”
J. Brown – San Diego, CA
* The terms and conditions of our guarantee are available upon request.

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